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Sopcast Tutorial


What is Sopcast ? Sopcast is abbreviation for Streaming over P2P. Sopcast is the Streaming Direct Broadcast System based on P2P. The core of Sopcast software is the communication protocol produced by Sopcast Team, which is named sop technology. Sopcast's goal is to let everyone in the world have a chance to set up their own on-line media world via a free of charge software - SOPCAST!

Sopcast advantage :
Sopcast is a very user friendly software. Sopcast has became the main p2p platform for various television from around the world. Apart from it, Football streaming is another attraction as Sopcast host numbers of tooball channels that show the game LIVE.

Download and install Sopcast.

SOPCAST instruction
Step 1 - Check on" Login as anonymous" and "Auto login" so that Sopcast will automatic log in future.

SOPCAST instruction
Step 2- Go to "Live Channels" and Click on any channel you wish to watch. Sopcast will start to buffer.

SOPCAST instruction
Step 3 - Some channels may not be shown in the list, you can copy and paste it to the address bar to start the show.


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